Dr Tone's Helix Bass Lab

Presets and Settings for the Helix Floor, Rack and Stomp


Studio Tube Bass DI

So, I offer you the Studio Tube Bass D.I.

I’ve been wrestling with this one for awhile, and sometimes the absurdity is slapping you right in the face. Always experiment with the digital world.

I was waiting to change these super dead strings to show how much life this preset can add. It’s easy to dial in.

Add a Low/High Cut block first and set to 20Hz and 20.0kHz @ -2.0dB Level

Fullerton Nrm Amp

Drive Norm… 1.7
Drive Bright… 10.0
Bass… 10.0
Tone… 10.0
Treble… 10.0
Ch Vol… 10.0
Master… 10.0
Sag… 0.0
Hum… 0.0
Ripple… 0.0
Bias… 10.0
Bias X… 0.0

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