Another huge factor to consider in dialing in a tone is the frequency that you are actually hearing vs the frequency that you think you are hearing.

When you strike a Low E string the fundamental 41Hz peaks and drops within the first second, 82Hz and 164Hz peak at the same rate but drop at a significantly slower rate than the 41Hz. Pumping the Low E will create a sea of standing waves that won’t take long to cancel each other out, if you are only focusing on the sub harmonic frequencies.

I’ve personally had far more luck focusing on the 2nd and 4th harmonic overtones of the note. The waves are shorter and carry more punch. Example being. On an E string I will focus my frequencies around 82 and 164hz It’s the same frequency as E (41Hz). I have far less issues with low frequency cancellation, the stage is less muddy, and I have greater clarity hearing myself.