Mega FRFM Bass Bundle

Ok Lab Rats !!!

What we have today are 17 presets in a zip file. ?

These were made for dual output Basses into a loud bass rig, but will easily convert to single output Basses.

One channel is literally a Subwoofer channel and the other is a version of my FRFM series bass amps. What you’re gonna notice is that I use a delay on the subwoofer channel to really glue the two channels together.

You’ll also notice that the treble control of most amps is turned down. Use this to bring back some sparkle without getting too bright. ?

I encourage you to move the delay time around slightly to hear how it really affects the overall tone.

Also on the ( top ) FRFM channel, adjust the low cut and see how you can create a subtle natural scoop in the low mids to really bring out the “punch”.

If you’re using a “Yamaha Attitude” style bass, you’ll really enjoy the variations that the neck pickup tone control will offer.

Get ready for some full range bass tones...

Have Fun !!!

UPDATE :: do not change the delay mix from 100% to 81% !!!!!!!!

Just kidding. Try it. Something really cool happens.

On the Sub Channel delay , I’ve settled on 5ms and 96% mix. For anyone interested.I’ve changed all my personal presets to these numbers.

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