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About the site

Welcome to Dr Tone's Helix Bass Lab. We now have split the site into 3 distinct sections: Presets, EQ Settings and Guides.

At the bottom of the page there are links to the Facebook Group, Youtube Videos, an Online preset viewer and a Donate button.

The #1 thing to remember for a “starting point” is application..

Will the preset be used in a live band or in a studio ?

The frequencies will NOT be the same for both. There typically will be no compensation for the Fletcher Munson Curve in a studio preset.

When setting EQ for stage use, remember that the low frequencies of bass will change at every venue you play.

If your only concern is the tone in the in-ears and letting the soundman “fix the rest” in the P.A., then good luck with that. You have more faith in soundmen than I’ve ever had.

And there is no magic setting for compressors... period. That is 100% dependent on the player’s style, like everything else.

EQ settings are suggestions based again on the application of the preset, the player’s bass, the music it was mixed for, the stage it was tuned to, etc...

When I post presets, I 100% expect guys to use them as templates only. These are never meant for plug & play use.

I’m constantly testing to find unusual ideas and applications of those ideas. Things that would never work in an analog world. The digital canvas of the Helix is a place that’s full of uncharted territory to explore new sonic experiences. Never in a million years would I have ever added a wah pedal to give a “new string chime” to a signal path. Or use a 2ms delay to make the bass channel of a split preset absolutely massive.

Want to find YOUR sound ??

Plug in the Helix and starting thinking outside the world of YouTube tutorials, user presets, and comment sections.

Use my ideas as starting templates or throw them in the trash, but turn the knobs and then share your actual discoveries.

I enjoy helping guys that message me about this crazy Helix world and try to remind them that THEY have the power to find their best tone possible.

#1 have fun.

March 1st, 2022 - Reflection

Here’s a little thought…

From the beginning of my “Helix Experience” I thought about something and I’ve only mentioned it to a few people but…

Before Helix, were players asking other players for pictures of their amp settings or pictures of their knob settings on their pedalboards ?  

What do guys do when they buy a bass amp these days ? Is there an online community where others posts settings for real amps and pedals ? ? 

And if there was, would they actually pay someone for a picture of amp settings ?? ? 

I hope that we aren’t entering an age where players lose the initiative to experiment and create their own sound, I do fear it’s happening.  

All of the sounds we fell in love with happened because a musician found gear and experimented with it and made it work.  

Before Helix I would help local players with their rigs by trying to teach them how their gear actually worked.  It’s been an insane obsession/passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  

So, don’t forget to experiment with your Helix, and most importantly have fun.

- Jon
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