Live Drive

Here’s a new preset I’ve been working on for my Blues Rock Band I’m playing with. I was able to finalize it last night at an outdoor venue.

SVT 3 Pro Willis

Here is the final version of this preset… I've used it at a very large concert hall with massive FOH and in an average bar setting with no FOH support, just my amp. All of my past complaints about the Helix have been erased with this one…

I have since erased all the presets on my Stomp and this is the only preset that I will be using from this point forward with all but one of my bands… the one specific band I still need more of a "Dug Pinnick" style tone which i already have…

UPDATE. I’ve had two guys get back to me and say that it was lacking treble on their rig. If this happens, two areas to address will be to increase the treble on both amps at the same rate. And also increase the high cut on the ParaEQ.

My bass is not a normal instrument anymore and I use old MonsterTone pickups. So I know there will be big differences with other basses.

Talas Rock 1PUP

Billys Comps

An update to "Billys Hands".

You will need v3.15

Billys Hands

The ultimate test of a preset for me has always been through a live rig. I’ve admitted many times over that I was never completely thrilled with most of my own presets, or anyone else’s, through a rig. I discovered that there seemed to be a low mid deficiency with the Helix. I’ve tried numerous tricks to remedy that, but they were literally just tonal bandaids.

I pulled away from the Helix for awhile and came back to the table with new ideas and I’ve been banging my head on the wall convinced that I could “fix” my low-mid enemy.

I’m also convinced that dual pickup channels into a single live rig is a waste of time. Too many issues with the same speaker trying to replicate two different frequency spectrums at the same time.

I am only using a Schecter MonsterTone pickup

Here’s the explanation. This is a dual channel preset with a “simulated woofer” channel.

I’m using the Busy One Jump for the “clean ?” and the Busy One Ch2 for the “simulated woofer” both have the Rochester comp as well. If you’re gonna use one Rochester on a channel then you must use one on the other channel. ( long technical story ).

I was able to use a blend of Ch1 & Ch2 of the Busy One Jump to create an out of phase effect which eliminated the boxy midrange tonality. So both channels are always on at the same time. Distortion and clean blended to remedy an issue. Weird huh ? ?

Next was the simulated woofer channel which was easier without using another pickup. Much easier.

Blending the two signals was tricky and I found the sweet spot, which when combined with the out of phase trick on the Busy One Jump, cured the low mid issue. Happy.

Here it is. I’m calling it..

“Billy’s Hands” because my goal was to capture the tone and attack that is the signature sound of Billy Sheehan.

After all.. tone is in the hands.

St Leo

Here's a fun compressed, gritty studio tone.

PVMB Bundle

What we have here are my new “PVMB” series of bass amp settings.

These are a much different approach to the EQ curve than before.

More low mids and brighter overall. The SVT Brt, GKCougar, and Del Sol turned out great and are very similar. Enjoy !!

Have Fun !!!

80s Bass Solo

Here’s a silly preset that’s fun.

Roger Waters

Here is a preset that I thought I lost.

It’s my idea of Roger Water’s tone from “Money”.

New Mistake

Here’s a fun preset that emulates the sound of those wonderfully cheap basses from the 70’s that have a magnificent studio tone when recorded.

Sits in a mix like jello.

This is my take on Tim Smith’s Hofner bass from the second Jellyfish album Spilt Milk.