Very excited to post this pre-set, This is a sort of Signature pre-set for myself made in collaboration with the man himself Jon Willis It features everything I need and is designed with my dual output Yamaha BB and is specifically for dual-output basses.

A couple of notes if you do download this!

(I only use the Reverb paired with the chorus when recording. I seldomly use the reverb when playing live but the chorus stays on)

(Designed for a dual output bass, tweaking with the tone knob and the hi cut switch gives different colours overall)

The distortion on this isn’t the most conventional of sorts it’s there but its subtle and just brings a lift to the overall sound.

Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Cheers again to Jon Willis for giving me the opportunity to work on something like this it’s been fun and I can’t wait to work on some more!

Credit to Mark John Hawksford