Jon Willis Live Comp

Uses single Dimarzio Model P pickup.

Global EQ MUST be used as well and those settings are in the comments.

this preset is intended to be used through a very loud amp.

A little background on on my live EQ settings for my preset.

1. I’ve battled the high and low rolloff for a long time trying to get it to feel “natural”.

You will notice that on the high channel ParaEQ block, I have a 2.1kHz High cut as well as my newest idea of a deep High Frequency cut of -12dB @ 7.4kHz with a Q of 1.0. This was the key to get the high end to sit correctly at very loud volumes. If you want more treble just decrease the gain here.

I have the same approach for the Low end as well. I have a 68Hz cut with a deep carve of -10dB @ 20Hz with a Q of 0.3. This was what I was missing for the longest time to get the low end to not bloom too early and become “BOOMY” in the room. If you want more low end just decrease the gain here as well.

This approach was the most “accurate” way to counter the Fletcher Munson Curve and have my loud rig sound like a line level studio recording.

I’ve been battling the Helix Compressors since I got the unit and I’m not going to debate that the Compressors are nothing more than gain blocks. No real compression happens for the most part.

The exception has been the Red Squeeze DynaComp. It is nice, but it pumps way too hard and doesn’t offer enough flexibility. I stumbled across the Legacy Red Comp and it offers the same compression but with no heavy pumping that the Red Squeeze has.

I ended up putting it after the Busy One and suddenly…. “Houston, we have Compression !!”