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Presets and Settings for the Helix Floor, Rack and Stomp


SVT 3 Pro Willis

Here is the final version of this preset… I've used it at a very large concert hall with massive FOH and in an average bar setting with no FOH support, just my amp. All of my past complaints about the Helix have been erased with this one…

I have since erased all the presets on my Stomp and this is the only preset that I will be using from this point forward with all but one of my bands… the one specific band I still need more of a "Dug Pinnick" style tone which i already have…

UPDATE. I’ve had two guys get back to me and say that it was lacking treble on their rig. If this happens, two areas to address will be to increase the treble on both amps at the same rate. And also increase the high cut on the ParaEQ.

My bass is not a normal instrument anymore and I use old MonsterTone pickups. So I know there will be big differences with other basses.

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