Balanced EQ

For new members who are having a difficult time dialing in a good starting point for bass tones. These are settings that I’ve optimized for bass, following an exact EQ curve that Leo Fender discovered decades ago and it has been the foundation for great bass tones.

It’s also a fantastic way to hear the subtle differences between all the amps as well. I followed a strict tuning process monitoring over 50 different frequency points with a tolerance of +/- 0.5dB

The main tonal variation will happen because of the limitations of each amp in the lows and highs.
All output volumes are matched as well.

Here are my balanced EQ and output settings for each bass amp to provide a better starting point when dialing in your amp tone. I highly suggest making 12 new presets having one amp block per preset, so you can quickly switch between them all to hear how they sound.

These settings actually sound pretty great with no cabinet or IR needed.

**** 2.8 update

Here are my SVT4-PRO “Balanced EQ” settings.

Drive… 5.0
Bass… 5.0
Mid… 3.0
Mid Freq… 2
Treble… 5.0
Ch Vol… 9.0
Master… 5.0

Ultra Low…. OFF
Ultra High… OFF

YES… this amp is that good !!!